A little bit more about me…

I’ve been married since 1997 to Dan and together we are raising two sons, Noah and Max. Two giant dogs add to the chaos and great friends, family, books, walks, and karaoke make it even better.

Ten years ago, I began to feel like my beliefs were not big enough to hold my life experiences. I knew I needed a change. I embarked on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and found practices and relationship with Jesus that nurtured and grew me. From there, I completed my training in Spiritual Direction at The Institute of Christian Spirituality at Lipscomb University in 2014. I completed a second year of training in Ignatian Spirituality through Selah: Center for Spiritual Formation in 2017. I participate in monthly continuing education for spiritual directors through Ambernest Spiritual Direction.

Along the way, while suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of my second son, I was introduced to the Enneagram. I did not understand why I was so stuck in specific patterns and the Enneagram offered me crucial self-awareness and self-knowledge that I needed to grow. Over the last fifteen years. I’ve completed numerous workshops and classes offered on the Enneagram and recently received my coaching certificate from Your Enneagram Coach in 2019.

Without knowing why, I began years ago putting into place routines, habits, practices and activities that kept me sane. I made space for silence and reflection, I took a dance class once a week, I chose to read books I enjoyed before I fell asleep, I drank a lot of water every day, etc. I don’t know that I labeled what I was doing as “self-care.” What I did discover is that when life threw its curves, it was these practices that kept me grounded. Now I am much more intentional about nourishing my mind, body, soul, and heart having experienced the benefits over time.